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~Concrit and Contact~ [Permissions Post]

Name ~ Fearless
Personal LJ ~ xxxfearlessxxx 
Contact me at ~ Greystripe14 [AT] hotmail [DOT] com

Send me a message or comment here for more permissions <3

{Welp, it's the morning after the event is over. After spending a painful night half in the water, half out, transforming back into a human, dragging himself over to where his clothes are, which are damp from being outside too, he looks pretty miserable. And rather ill as well. He's dripping wet, too, which probably isn't good for him, but he can't exactly change, seeing as he lives in Dissimulo.}

Does anyone know what just happened?

Ti ~ Winter the Tenth [Video]

{The first shot you get of the video is water. Lots and lots of water. The lake, to be exact. This video is being shot under da sea, folks. Looks pretty cold, actually.

Then, suddenly, Norway. First thing you'll probably notice is he's not wearing a shirt. In fact, the only thing he's wearing is his hair clip (Enjoy the view, ladies). Not that you can see below his waste. Is he crazy?

He smiles for the camera, but doesn't say a word. He might look a bit... enticing. Won't you come find him? He only wants to play a bit.

He starts to sing a bit, in some odd language. It's not Norwegian, or any other language you might have heard before. It sounds a bit nonsensical, like there are no words in the first place, but at the same time, every syllable rings clear like a bell, despite being underwater. It might make you want to go find him more.

After all, he only has good intentions, right?}

[Yup, I turned Nor into a mermaid. Or rather, a merman. He looks pretty traditional, like something out of the Disney movie, but he's really more of a siren like in the myths. Meaning he'll sing for you, but he won't speak.

If you choose to come find him, but stay on land, you'll be fine. He'll only smile and play a bit.
You can also come in the water and play with him, but remember that it's December. The water is freezing cold, and if you don't have any protection, you'll probably freeze to death. Because when Nor gets you in the water, he won't try to hurt you, really, but he forgets that most people need air. And he won't be letting you get out.

He's tired of being lonely. :)

I'm still on hiatus, btw, but I wanted to throw this up real quick. 


Ni ~ Winter the Ninth [Video]

{Nor's sitting on his bed, the stuffed pink rabbit he got from the item rain sitting on his lap. He seems a bit reluctant to make this post, but he feels like it's something he should do.}

I'd like to say I'm sorry for wreckin' the front room of the soup kitchen. Dunno what came over me.

Cleaned it all up, and I'll get to replacin' everythin' as soon as I can.

{He pauses.}

Thanks for the stuff, whoever sent it.


åtte ~ Winter the Eighth [Video]

{Well, only about an hour to go before the event ends.
Nor's been utilizing his extreme self control and managing not to give in to his Envy for the most part, but right now it's just.

Too much.
Everything is too much.
He can't take it anymore.

Maybe it was the human part of him, but right now he just hates everyone and he curses them for being so much better than him. So much better off than him. Not having to deal with what he's had to deal with every day for centuries.
For having people who cared about them within reach.

He can't stand it.

There's an axe leaning against the wall, likely left by Sweden, or maybe even Denmark. It's harder to lift now, but he can manage it, even if he can't wield it completely properly, but he picks it up.
And begins smashing everything.

All the chairs and tables, the walls and everything on them, absolutely everything in the front room is now rubble and firewood.
When he's done, he drops to his knees, breathing heavily, the axe clanging to the ground beside him, and he begins cry silently.

And he hates himself for that too.}

[ooc; Couldn't really decide for Norway either, so it ended up being a cross between envy and wrath. And it also ended up being this really serious thing, go figure.]
...What's goin' on? Don't think I've seen so many people get here at once before...

Syv ~ Winter the Seventh [Video/Action]

{Norway has taken to 'walking' around Dissimulo because he was getting sick of being in that house 24/7.
Today is the first day he's gone out with out crutches or anything. If you see him walking, it's clear he's kinda favoring his leg, but from the video, everything seems to be in order.}

Oi, Kresnik. I'm helping with the kitchen from now on.

The rest of ya, is there anything I should know from the last time I was here? 


Seks ~ Winter the Sixth [Video]

{Noway's kinda... chilling on the front porch, sitting in the lone chair, his crutches leaning against the house. If it didn't have a porch, it does now.
Normally he wouldn't come out in this outfit, in the cold, but he's been inside too long, and it's not as embarassing as some of the others he's seen.
What's he wearing, you may ask?
Why, a pink bunny hoodie, of course, with the hood up over his head so the ears keep flopping in his face. It's quite adorable. And annoying.

Whoever's fault this is, they're lucky he likes bunnies.}

...So what's goin' on with all these costumes? Some sort of prank, I guess.


Fem ~ Winter the Fifth [Audio]

{There's nothing except dead air for about a minute, then-}

Fin and Sve are gone, and I'm thinkin' it's for good. Soup Kichen's closed, as I'm the only one here now, and I can't run it.
Yer free to use the memorial ground if ya like, though.

Fire ~ Winter the Fourth [Video/Audio]

{The video opens to the Nordic bedroom, and it appears to be empty. Was this an accidental video?

No, the camera suddenly swings to a different area, showing that Nor is aware that it's on. Now the camera is focused on the edge of the bed, where a translucent figure sits. Some of you may recognize a certain Dane...}

Hey, Norge, it's nice out tonight! We could go out and look for stuff!
{He mimes being hit.} Ow... Or we could just go for a walk... Please?

{He continues blathering on for a bit, then Nor switches to audio.}
This place is cruel, isn't it?